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The winners of the writing contest held in 2020 have been decided

Writing Contest – “You’re So Quiet” by Andie Bjornsfelt 

You’re So Quiet  By Andie Bjornsfelt   8:05 PM.  On my IPhone, displayed a photo of me, picked meticulously out of over 150 near identical on my camera roll.  Me, Metallica shirt, reddened matte lips, lash line coated coal.  The filter I ended up going with was a...


The results of our design contest held in 2020 have been decided

Rebeca spiegel

“Ground Control to Fishbowl”
Inspired by David Bowie’s words and life



‘Sad Egg Moment’
A tribute to Thea’s deep passion for egg. 


AIDaN Zecchel

A watercolor piece that plays with distortion



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The Liar, is an independent annual literary zine
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Since the 1980s, the Liar has featured work from emerging and international authors such as Margaret Atwood, Charles Bukowski, Juliane Okot Bitek, among others

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