Design Finalists


2024 Design Winner – Anaïs Bayle

Winner of the Design Contest

Anaïs Bayle

Anaïs Bayle is a designer, illustrator, and soon-to-be graduate of the Capilano University IDEA School of Design. Whether with pen and paper, needle and thread, or keyboard and mouse, she pursues ideas that click. Anaïs has been recognized a dozen times for her design and illustration work in provincial and national competitions. Although she specializes in branding design, she enjoys illustrating birds in her free time. 




Finalist – Anaïs Bayle


Finalist –  Liza Borissova


Finalist – Alyssa Chen

Finalist – Jade Wong

Finalist – Sophia Spanos McGill

Finalist – Jacob Chong

Finalist – Xaviery Roxas

Design Finalists


2023 Design Winner – Talel McBriar

Winner of the Design Contest

Talel McBriar

Talel McBriar is a multimedia artist who uses visual art and music as creative expression. A self-taught painter, Talel primarily finds interest in painting human crowds and figures with acrylic paint. Painted during the beginning of the pandemic, this artwork reflects on being on a subway in New York City and represents the appreciation and nostalgia of being in a crowd, surrounded by others.  



Finalist – Eva Murcia


Finalist – Rachel Lu


Finalist – Yasmin

Finalist – Tazwar Mahtab

Finalist – Tiffany Zhong

Finalist – Makayla Crenshaw

Finalist – Tasia Bold

Finalist – Jack Carlyle


Finalist – Jordan Richert

Finalist – Jenna Weimd 

Design Finalists


Winner of the Design Contest

“Escape” by Celina Zhong

Her illustration for The Liar stems from surrealism and the concept of escaping the mundane nature of reality.

Instagram: @celinaa.jpg

Jenna Weind


Megan Barry


Samantha Wakelin




パン パン


Viola Baker


Anais Bayle




“Ground Control to Fish Bowl” by Rebeca Spiegel

Work by a Capilano University film student from Brazil. Inspired by life and David Bowie’s words. 


“Sad Egg Moment” by Thea Pham

Sad Egg Moment is a tribute to Thea’s deep passion for egg. Egg is nutritious and delicious. 

Instagram: @Theapham_I02

“Fragments” by Aidan Zecchel 

This illustration was done using watercolour media only and plays around with distortion for an expressive and raw outcome.