Design Finalists


Winner of the Design Contest

“Escape” by Celina Zhong

Her illustration for The Liar stems from surrealism and the concept of escaping the mundane nature of reality.

Instagram: @celinaa.jpg

Jenna Weind


Megan Barry


Samantha Wakelin




パン パン


Viola Baker


Anais Bayle




“Ground Control to Fish Bowl” by Rebeca Spiegel

Work by a Capilano University film student from Brazil. Inspired by life and David Bowie’s words. 


“Sad Egg Moment” by Thea Pham

Sad Egg Moment is a tribute to Thea’s deep passion for egg. Egg is nutritious and delicious. 

Instagram: @Theapham_I02

“Fragments” by Aidan Zecchel 

This illustration was done using watercolour media only and plays around with distortion for an expressive and raw outcome.