Learn a bit about the 2024 writing and design finalists

Jenna Luscombe – Writing

Jenna Luscombe is a fourth year Communications student and self-published author. With special interests in the romance and fantasy genre’s, she kick-started her writing career last year with her debut novel, Electric Love, with plans to produce more poetry and novels in the coming years. She only recently discovered her passion for poetry and magazine writing, and has published several articles in the Capilano Courier. A fun fact about Jenna is that she is currently on a study abroad trip in the United Kingdom, soaking up culture and searching for inspiration for her future creations. She relates to this year’s theme, The Burned Issue, because she grew up in Lake Country, an area greatly affected by forest fires every year. 

Jeff Oro – Writing

Jeff Oro is a passionate writer and artist, born on July 30th, a date he shares with Emily Bronte, a coincidence he interprets as a sign from the universe. After graduating with an Associate of Arts Diploma, Jeff’s writing is fueled by a deep love for all aspects of life, particularly love itself. His work reflects his romantic outlook on relationships and existence. His passion for art and love sometimes overwhelms him, but he embraces it nonetheless. Jeff is celebrating the publication of his  first poem, marking a significant milestone in his journey as a writer. Guided by his favorite numbers, 5 and 18, Jeff Oro continues to leave his mark on the world through his heartfelt and imaginative creations.

Matthew Funk – Design

Matthew Funk is currently in his third year at the IDEA School of Design, where he channels his passion for creativity into problem-solving as a designer. He is inspired by the works of others across various mediums such as film, music, and illustration. His own creative endeavors are deeply personal, with his illustration stemming from a recurring childhood dream and his poem inspired by his love for iced tea. When contemplating this year’s theme, Matthew acknowledges the toll that creative work can take, emphasizing the importance of pacing oneself to prevent burnout. Outside of his design studies, Matthew has set himself the ambitious goal of watching 200 movies this year.

Jade Wong Levesque – Design

Jade Wong Levesque is a first-year student working towards her Music Diploma, focusing on Classical Voice Performance. Alongside her musical studies, she embraces various creative outlets, including writing, poetry, and fine art. Inspired by the limitless creativity of others, Jade is driven by spontaneity and passion, as demonstrated by her last-minute submission of a painting before a deadline. A high achiever with a romantic soul, Jade’s diverse tastes extend from classical composers like Vivaldi to contemporary bands like Duster and Metallica. 

Jade Chandra

Jade Chandra is a fourth-year student enrolled in the Legal Studies Degree Program. Her work demonstrates a passion for storytelling that emphasizes the depth of characters’ emotions over plot intricacies. She is inspired by various sources, including Shelby Van Pelt’s “Remarkably Bright Creatures,” and the understanding of the universe found in nature. Her chosen piece reflects her conviction that every being has the right to fully experience life, resonating deeply with themes of existence and connection. Jade relates to this year’s theme, “The Burned Issue,” through the lens of the wildfire crisis, grappling with the fear of the unknown and the potential loss of home. Outside of her creative pursuits, Jade’s cat, Princess, holds a special place in her heart. Check out more of her work on Instagram (@Jfchandra)!

Jacob Chong – Design

Jacob Chong is currently in his third year at the IDEA School of Design, where he embraces a multidisciplinary approach to his creative pursuits. His passions lie in UI/UX design, illustration, and motion graphics. Inspired by his friends and fellow designers, Matthew Funk and Caleb Tsai, Jacob thrives on challenges and pushes himself to achieve greatness in his work. Outside of his design endeavors, he finds joy in playing pickleball and indulging in cartoony artwork, finding them both to be sources of fun and relaxation. Despite his love for creativity, Jacob acknowledges the toll it can take, resonating with the theme of burnout due to the constant demand for creativity without meaningful breaks. In addition to his creative interests, Jacob is known among his peers for his impressive hat collection.

Kai Leung – Writing

Kai Leung is a second-year student at Capilano University, pursuing an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing. With a lifelong passion for both writing and music, Kai seamlessly merges these interests, using them as tools for self-expression. His writing challenges societal norms, aiming to depict genuine humanity free from corporate influence. Raised in rural BC, Kai is attuned to environmental and social issues, which he explores in his work. Outside of academics, Kai is a collector of CDs and fronts the DIY music project Penknife. Kai began considering himself as a musician at the young age of 4, and his band Penknife released their debut single, “Are You Sorry,” in February of this year. When asked what Kai thought of this year’s theme, he told us that “besides the literal burning of our old growth forests, people (including myself) are just burnt out from knowing about all of the awful things happening in the world right now.”

Victoria Wall – Writing

Victoria Wall is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Psychology. As a writer, Victoria’s poetry serves as a raw reflection of her emotions and experiences, with each piece serving as an homage to her life. Despite the somber and emotional nature of her usual work, Victoria’s chosen piece showcases her light-hearted and sarcastic side, reflecting her love for banter and humor. She finds inspiration in the fire of her own emotions, channeling them into her writing process, which she describes as purifying yet painful. Through her poetry, she molds the intensity of her feelings into words, creating art that is both cathartic and rewarding. Beyond her academic and creative endeavors, Victoria enjoys collecting vintage Kliban cat hoodies and Harry Potter memorabilia. She invites others to explore more of her poetry on Instagram (@bleu.poetry)!

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