The Liar is an independent annual literary zine published by Capilano University in Vancouver, BC. Since the 1980’s, The Liar has featured work from emerging and international authors such as Margaret Atwood, Charles Bukowski, Anne Stone and R. Scott Bakker.

Living in the rupture between the personal and the political, The Liar curates provocative, powerful collections of fiction, poetry, art, drama and more that explore the intersectional complexities of our world.

The Liar is maintained by the creative writing program at Capilano University.



The Liar was first published as THURSDAY in 1987 by a group of students in the creative writing department at what was then Capilano College. In 2017, The Liar celebrated it’s 30th anniversary issue.

Faculty Advisor: Leah Bailly, Creative Writing Convenor, Capilano University


2020-21 The Liar Publication


“By the power of truth I, while living, have conquered the universe.”
Aleister Crowley

Writing Contest Winner – “Impractical Magic” by Megan Vaghy

Impractical Magic By Megan Vaghy  I stopped watching the news ages ago. I had to. A person has a limit on how many times they can stomach the word, ‘Unprecedented.’ “Did you hear the latest about what happened down here?” my mum asks me one morning. My parents are...

Honorable mentions – “She Sat in Velvet Sadness” by Toni Dumais

She sat in velvet sadness by Toni Dumais   She sat in velvet sadness, comforted and persistent to lay basked in the dark layers of righteous melancholy, where she undresses her deformity to be splayed out, and picked through. This is wrong, that is wrong. What is...

Honorable mentions – “In The Dark”  by Kaja Jean

In The Dark  by Kaja Jean   I. we rested on our backs, absorbing what was left of the day’s sun through the rock at the top of a hill on salt spring island. the balmy pinks had melted into a velvety indigo, and you took your large wrinkled hand, skin thick from a...

Honorable Mentions – “How are you today?” by Wen Zhai

How are you today? By Wen Zhai   What am I supposed to say I’m not Ok but it’s too long a story it can’t be finished in one say I won’t be able to start before you mindlessly walk away What can I say I’m irritated How can you play with personal feelings like that...

Writing Contest – “You’re So Quiet” by Andie Bjornsfelt 

You’re So Quiet  By Andie Bjornsfelt   8:05 PM.  On my IPhone, displayed a photo of me, picked meticulously out of over 150 near identical on my camera roll.  Me, Metallica shirt, reddened matte lips, lash line coated coal.  The filter I ended up going with was a...

Writing Contest – “Notes from an Immigrant” by Beatriz Mascarenhas de A. Costa

Notes from an Immigrant Part 1 By Beatriz Mascarenhas de A. Costa   One time I went to Disneyland and they asked me where I live. I blanked. I ask myself what does “home” mean? If home is where I am from or home is where I am me or if home it’s even a place. A...

Writing Contest Winner – “The Funny Thing About Us” by Jill Patrick

The Funny Thing About Us By Jill Patrick You died on a Tuesday. The body you left was over the mountain, where your bones were born and your ashes will rest. So that’s where we went to find you, Johnny Cash on the radio just as you liked it. Johnny Cash in our ears...